Oh my god, it’s full of … identical-cloud-services

If ever you needed evidence that we’re in another dot-com bubble, consider just the number of Slack-like messaging platforms:

  • Slack (of course)
  • Allo
  • Beary Chat
  • ChatWork
  • Discord
  • Fleep
  • Flock
  • Glip
  • HiBox
  • HipChat
  • Jandi
  • ….. (getting bored)
  • Teamwork Chat
  • The Lounge
  • ….. (yawn!)
  • WhatsApp (kinda)
  • Zulip

That’s just the ones I found in a few minutes while wondering what the hell all the options were in Rambox.

Now, I do wonder how all these people managed to a) conclude that they needed to spend their time producing YET another chat platform, but b) convince people to fund them doing so?!?!

I’m no lover of Slack – I actually detest it. But for God’s sake people – enough!

Crypto-trading 2

Three months into my experiment, and it’s a rather mixed bag.

The headline is that I’m well down (-39.6% as of writing), which is unsurprising given the political and regulatory landscape attacking cryptocurrencies through 1Q18.

The good thing is that prices (BTC, ETH, LTC) have all fallen about 55% since I started, so I’ve at least managed to offset some of that terminal decline.

At this juncture however, I’m clearly not managing to spend enough time or effort trying to leverage the remaining volatility. If I were micro-trading I might be able to take advantage of the small hour-by-hour spikes, but I don’t want to, and I haven’t bothered to finish writing my automation engine.

For now, we’ll abandon ship, and see what happens to the invested amount through the rest of 2018. Once panic-selling eases off, there might be a bit more stability on which to revisit.


Banned eh? Duh!

More than 1,000 driving bans given to children

Can somebody please tell me how you can be banned from doing something you never had permission to do in the first place? Moreover, can somebody explain why a ban is a deterrent to somebody proven to not care that they’re ineligible in the first place?

“with 33 disqualifications issued in total during 2017 for those aged 13 and under” – they were never “qualified”, so what the f**k difference does dis-qualifying make?

Honest questions…