Unblue is hosted on dedicated hardware, providing fully bespoke hosted mail, DNS, web, database, vpn and backup services. If you require advice or support with any web technology, do get in touch.

File transfer

Unblue provides secure large file transfer services via nFTP. Send files up to 2GB quickly and securely for free.


Unblue operates Dropbox-style automated file synchronization and backup between multiple computers using BitTorrent Sync. In you have an Unblue email account, you automatically have 10TB of backup space. For more information, click here.


Fed up of North Korean UK Internet monitoring and censorship? The Unblue infrastructure has dedicated VPN endpoints in multiple countries. If you have an Unblue email address, you can use this service.

Software support

Unblue maintains a set of documented and supported best-of-breed software and services for its users:

  • Anti-virus
  • Backup
  • Email
  • Office