So this is what’s wrong with the world

Fyre Festival was an egotistical clusterfuck. You should watch the Hulu or Netflix documentaries on the subject, if for no other reason than to chuckle at those blissful idiots who are so blinded by their consumerist FOMO that they can’t spot an obvious con.

It was predicated on the desperation of social media followers to be like their “influencer” idols – people who get paid vast sums to post fake content promoting stuff. People desperate for their tweet/snaps/instagrams to be followed or liked, as if it in someway matters. Think millenials Instagramming a pouting selfie with the asteroid and fireball behind them and you’re pretty much there.

So, once you’ve paid a social-media con-artist through the nose to go to a not-island, to stay nowhere and eat nothing and the realization that you’ve been conned might begin to dawn on you… what do you do?

You take a pointless selfie of course!